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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Honeycat Cosmetics Review and Giveaway

Hello my loyal fans.
Today will be a great review of a great company that I just discovered and that has become a super favorite of mine and I am 100% certain it will become a fav of yours also.

May I introduce to you Honeycat Cosmetics Bath and Body products.

In ancient times it was believed that a parasite living on cats could infect their female owners, rendering them sexy, desirable, fun-loving, and, ahem..., unfaithful.
Welcome to the world of Honeycat Cosmetics, they put a fresh, sexy spin on bath and body products which appeal to the sexy, feline/cat woman in all us gals! There is an emphasis on the cat as a symbol of female sexuality, and sensuality. All of their products relate figuratively, colloquially, or literally to the cat. 

When you use Honeycat products it becomes an event.  Their products are very beautiful, sexy and inviting.
You feel beautiful and worth it.  It's worth every penny you spend.
They are safe and totally good for your skin.  You won't find any bad stuff, as preservatives, chemicals or dyes in Honeycat Cosmetics.

I was so lucky to receive these wonderful products to try from them.

Now let me tell you how I found those wonderful products.

Chocolate Bath Melts

These are absolutely to die for.  First off they smell divine.
They smell like pecan chocolate.  I wanted to eat them because they smelled so great.  My husband was certain they were edible. He's a chocoholic.  You put one or two in your bath and slip in to relax.
We all love chocolate, here's a way to indulge but without the calories.
You'll be purring in the richness of your bath.  I stayed in my bath for a about 20 minutes and thought it was quite relaxing.  I loved the scent, it wasn't too over powering even though I put 2 squares in my bath.
These chocolate squares are made with mango butter, aloe, cocoa butter vitamin E and some fragrance which they don,t mention.
The price is $20, which I find is good considering we are worth it.
And we don't use these treats every night do we?
Only when we want to treat ourselves.

Honeycat Warm Milk Martini

This bath milk is wonderful for the skin.
Made with goats milk, butter milk and coconut milk powders, sweet almond oil, vitamin E and olive leaf, this is the absolute best way to moisturize your dry skin while relaxing in your bath tub.
This wonderful bath milk smells delicious and it will do your body good.
Your skin will be asking for more.
You can get get this fab product for $20 but totally worth every penny.

Rub My Tummy Honey & Buttermilk Body Cream

My husband loves to rub my tummy with this yummy body cream. lol...
I also loves this body cream, it smells almondelicious...
This is cream is filled with skin softening ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, kuikui oil, honey, sweet almond oil and buttermilk.  This Honey & Buttermilk Body Cream has an almond scent so that's why I'm so crazy about it.  Once you applied it to your skin it leaves no greasy film behind.  You can get dressed soon afterwards and go roaming wherever you feel like.
Get this perrrfect creamy skin treat for $12.

On The Prowl Peach Brandy Shower Gel

Thisis a great shower gel and has a subtle scent that I enjoy.  Not overpowering but just right.
The men in your life has to get up close to smell you and desire you.
I like that.  This peach brandy shower gel is made with mango and shea butter, vitamin E and other great skin goodies.   It lathers up really great and feels really soft on your skin.
I use a bath puff so a little goes a long way.  What a great gift idea.  But at $16 what a great treat.
After a rough day nothing better then a peachy treat to get your perfffect mood back.

Chic Of The Sea Foaming Bath Crystals

This was my least favorite product.  I don,t know if it was outdated or something, but it did not look like in the picture.  The crystals in my can were all in clumps and were kind hardened up.
Here's what it says "Open this can of delicious muscle soothing, chocolate, raspberry, mint bath crystals."
But mine hardly smelled anything like that, it actually smelled a bit bad.
Maybe it was the humidity.  But once I put it under the running water of the bath, it did produce a nice bubble bath.  It did not produce a nice smell at all so I won,t be giving it points for this product.
But maybe you will get better results then me.
But i do give it points for the presentation, I find it very original in it sardine can.  Who  would have thought?
It's a one time use.  It's a great idea for a gift also.
At $10 I think it's a bit high, but this is my opinion.
It's the only product on which I ticked.

I'm In Heat Whisker Slickers

Last but not least, I am enjoying this wonderful cinnamon lip goodie everyday, all day.
It has a warming feeling once applied to your lip and it also tastes great.
So find a kissing partner and try it on for size.  Get purring!!!
Cinnamon, ginger flavored with an extra bit of spice. Free of animal products, and petroleum. Vitamin E enriched. Get ready for the tingle! You'll have the hottest pucker in town!
At only $6, this is a blast.

All these great products can be purchased at Hoenycat Cosmetics

Connect with Honeycat Cosmetics on Facebook and Twitter.

Honeycat Cosmetics is also giving away to one lucky Women-Prenuer Galore follower
one One The Prowl Peach Brandy Shower Gel

I received these products for free from Honeycat Cosmetics in exchange of an honest review and no money was exchanged.  The opinions shown here are 100% my own.

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